June 8th Training Camp

June 8th Training Camp

Intensive Training Camp 

Check In Monday June 8th Anytime 

Monday 8th Noon Practice Everyone 530pm MS Wrestlers & Below 7pm HS Wrestlers & Below 
Tuesday 9th - Friday 12th 8am Everyone 1pm Everyone 6pm Everyone 
Saturday 13th 10am Everyone, Depart Following Session 

Overnight Camp (Staying at E.A.C.) $260 
Commuter Camp $160 

Dual Trips & Camps - No Refunds on gear orders, No Refunds on camps, Refunds on Duals can be granted if dual/tournament cancels

Limited Spots, once invoice is paid spot is claimed. Only taking 30 wrestlers. Overnight Campers - are responsible for bringing food money, laundry money, as they will be taken to wash clothes when needed. They will have access to a kitchen and 2 refrigerators. Overnighters will stay on the mats, so sleeping bag, blanket and pillow are needed. Wrestlers are asked to still pack light! If they arrive with an overload of items they will be asked to leave items. For more details - Email, text, or call - www.EliteAthleticClubLLC.com - EliteAthleticClub@Comcast.net - (219)841-1906
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