Practice Schedule (Subject to Change) Always call or text to make sure as we sometimes change if we are headed out of town or have a travel tournament weekend! 

Elite Athletic Club Wrestling Academy 
2711 State St. Lake Station In, 46405 

  1. Temperature's will be taken at the door. Please if your not feeling well, or sick stay home. 

 2. No parents in the room, trying to keep traffic to a minimum. If your signing up or needing to pay or sign a consent form, a coach can run it out to your vehicle. 

 3. Wrestler's are to wash their hands before and after practice. 

 4. There will be a Station to clean wrestling shoes, before hitting the wrestling mat! 

 5. Limited space for each session! Wrestlers with paid yearly, monthly, and semi monthly memberships are allowed in the room 1st. Punch cards and drop ins are second. In order for our wrestlers to be able to practice safe we have to limit the amount in each session. This being said, if we have to we will add a 3rd session, at this time if you want in and a guaranteed spot contact us and we can send an invoice via. email. 

Mondays  6pm All Ages
Wednesdays 6pm All Ages
Thursdays 6pm All Ages
Saturdays  11am All Ages

Private Sessions are available any day of the week and can be booked by emailing or texting. 

1xSession $20 
Weekly $50 
Monthly $150 
2 Months $230 
Punch Card 10 Punches $150 

 For more info: - (219)841-1906 or

**Offering Drop Ins, Weekly, Monthly, Multi Month Discounts, Yrly & Punch Card's - *Pvt lessons can be booked in advance for any day of the week. All wrestlers welcomed! 

NOTE: You can start any session at any time, meaning you can sign up for EAC any day! 219-841-1906

Also gain updated practice times via. facebook - Kevin English or Elite Athletic Club LLC. 

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